Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I’m Sorry Sir, That Card Has Been Declined

Ever heard that?  A very embarrassing situation to be in.  Unless you are a democrat or member of NAACP (I know, being redundant again Johnny Alamo)  They are immune to shame from the overuse of the race card even though that account has been closed for some time.  They not only are not ashamed to use it, they go to great lengths to tie subjects to it that have absolutely nothing to do with race.  In fact it has turned into a barometer of sorts for the right.  You know you are on the right side of an issue and beating the pants off the left when they accuse you of racism.
I’m not really sure why they still feel the need to use it.  In the post 2008 election period of euphoria, when the “rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal”, when Chris Matthews got “tingles up his leg” and unicorns ran free pooping skittles all over the shire,  we were supposed to be in the “post racial” period.  What happened?  Well, for one, we nasty conservatives and libertarians refused to fall to our knees like good little subjects and bow at the altar of hope and change.  There could only be one excuse for us to fail to recognize the awesome awesomeness of Barack Hussein Obama.  We are all Grand Dragons of the Ku Klux Klan, just back from burning black churches and dragging uppity persons of a darker shade behind our pickups for Sunday entertainment. 

So not only did the race card come back out, but it became the automatic reason for any opposition to the glorious one’s socialist agenda.

Oppose raising taxes during economic downturns?

Against the stimulus?

Disagree with the idea of government run health care?

Have a problem with all those czars?

You can’t really blame them, republicans have long allowed this type of attack paralyze them in their tracks.  
Typically, the lily livered GOP has tucked their tail and slinked off whenever the racism kryptonite has been hurled at them.  So it is their own fault that it has grown into such an effective tool against them.  If they would address that accusation directly a little more often and exposed the assault for what it is, an admission of victory on the subject, the left would refrain from using it.  After a while anyway, libs don’t catch on real quick.
In fact it has become such an effective weapon for the left that they have gotten real creative in its application.  It has almost become entertaining to watch the Machiavellian contortions they put themselves through to tie race to every argument.
Recently that honorable statesperson and Hanna Barbera cartoon character from Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee announced on the house floor that republicans were complicating the debt ceiling debate because Barack Obama was black.  Sometime later Speaker Boehner retired to the cloak room for a good cry and emerged with a compromise that gave democrats virtually everything they wanted (except tax increases) and virtually nothing the right wanted.  Not that the charge of racism was the reason in itself but I’m sure Sheila’s claim didn’t hurt the democrats cause even though it should have.

Another recent non-issue that gave some Progs the vapors was when Rick Perry stated that a “big black cloud” was hanging over the nation.  Obviously this was a reference to the fact that we had a black president in the White House according to MSNBC’s newest on air class for journalistic integrity starring none other than Al Sharpton.  Pot meet Kettle, oh crap!  That was a racist comment huh????

But by far the funniest claim I have seen recently is from none other than ManBearPig himself.  That’s correct our old buddy Al Bore, aggravated by those nasty small minded people that like to see outrageous claims of man made global warming be backed up by actual facts, claimed that debating him on climate science was the moral equivalent of being a Bull Connor racist.  Connor was the Commissioner for Public Safety in Birmingham Alabama who was notorious for turning fire hoses, and attack dogs on civil rights protestors in the 60’s.  The ironic part of the Gorical’s claim is that his own father Albert Gore senior (who I think invented the telegraph) voted against the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voter Rights act of 1965.  Before you start hurling racism claims Al, you really should look in your own closet. 
Those are just a few outrageous claims of racism that have been leveled at us lately, I don’t see any change in the tactic on the horizon either.  That is until the political class on the right follow the advice of a friend of mine by the name of Joel Jollymore and next time they are on a news program and asked to respond to a claim of racism they should reply with “The NAACP (and the Democrat Party) are racist organizations designed to keep black Americans on the Dem plantation and they keep their militant arm (the Black Panthers) around to round up any that attempt to leave.”

I only have one thing to add to that………..

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