Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obama’s End Run. Mueva sobre Yanqui!

About three weeks ago during an address to the pro illegal immigration racist group La Raza which is Spanish for “The Race”, President Skippy said “Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change laws on my own.  That’s not how our democracy functions, that’s not how our constitution is written.”  Followed by chants from the racist Mexicans of “Yes, you can!  Yes, you can!” 

Apparently, he listened to them, unlike how he listens to the rest of us on his so-called listening tours.  On Aug. 16th the clean and articulate wonder did an end run around that pesky constitution and signed an executive order which bypasses congress altogether on the issue.  The administration announced that this executive order would “indefinitely delay deportations of illegal immigrants who don’t have criminal records and will offer them the chance to apply for a work permit”  I’m sure the 24 million unemployed LEGAL citizens of this country are thrilled by the news.
The White House also says this applies to a current crop of 300,000 illegal aliens, (I’m sorry) undocumented workers that are currently in the system.  What they didn’t tell us was that it will apply to all future detainees as well.  The Department of Homeland Security and Justice will put together a “working group” to redefine what cases are pursued.   Guess what that means, unless they commit a felony in this country, they stay and get a work permit to take away an American’s job.    
Apparently  Dick (the Turban) Durban knew this was coming back on Aug, 5th when he told reporters that the Department of Homeland Security would “soon have a relative announcement on the long stalled Dream Act”  And he was right, in spite of the fact that congress has rejected variations of this horrible idea several times since 2001, Obama decided that he would just do away with that troublesome old yellowed piece of paper called the United States Constitution and pass the legislation by executive fiat.  Get ready Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California!  Do you hear that thundering herd in the distance?  That is 50 million more illegal aliens racing toward that porous border of ours ready to cash in on the new meal ticket. 

According to the DHS we silly little minions are not to worry our pretty little heads about this.  The only illegal aliens this will apply to are:
Individuals that have been in this country since childhood.  How do they determine if someone has been in this country since childhood?  They ask them of course you silly………  Why would an illegal alien identity thief lie to us about that?
Minors, well that’s only a handful right?  It’s not like Mexicans have a lot of kids you know……..

The elderly, but don’t worry, they won’t help collapse Social Security and Medicare…….

Pregnant and nursing women, there goes Medicaid………..
Victims of serious crime.  What determines exactly what a serious crime is?
Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces.  One good idea, but how many are there really?

And persons with serious disabilities or health issues.  Don’t worry, that long wait you had at the ER last year won’t get any longer.

And then they get a work permit, wonderful.  We have so many unfilled jobs in this country right now.  Of course the folks in the communist……. Sorry, Democrat party tell us this will be great!  Now that these folks are out of the shadows, they will pay taxes.  Of course they have told us that these law breakers paid taxes all along.  Yeah, let me tell you how these people pay taxes.  They claim 6 dependents on their W-4 form and not one red cent is taken out for income tax.  Since they are illegal, uh, I mean undocumented, no social security numbers for their supposed dependents exist.  So the IRS has no way to verify that these dependents actually exist.  And for some reason never tries to.  (and yet if your wife fails to change her last name on her social security card after you marry they are on you like a chicken on a June bug) Yes, they do pay social security to a fake number.  It always amazed me how the Social Security Administration can accept a fake number or the number of a deceased person and never say a word, but they rarely do.

 The question is now what?  Is what the Zero did an impeachable offence?  Possibly, and the House of Representatives could very well vote to bring articles of impeachment up against him.  But they won’t.  Too many in Congress are petrified of that prospect because they would be labeled as racists and they just don’t have the stones to fight back.  Of course it would be a worthless fight anyway because they would then have to try him in Harry Reid’s senate.  He would never be removed.  Our best bet is to stick this little tidbit in our ammo pouch for 2012.  And demand of our candidates that they promise to resend this executive order about 5 minutes after taking the oath of office.      


  1. This was Barry's ace in the hole all of the time to win the 2012 election. Now the GOP will be called racists if they say anything.

  2. Yeah, I am curious to see how the voter drive works this time. Expect to see a lot of Obama signs in spanish and instructions on how to demand their right to vote and scare poll workers into letting them. We just passed a voter I.D. law in Texas this past year. But they will probably find a workaround.

  3. Good stuff as usual, Johnny. On any voter ID law ... look for a judge to find it unconstitutional and put a hold on it just before election time.

  4. Yeah, you are right. I would say the state attorney general should in that case ignore the ruling like the feds do so often. But then the democrats have grounds to contest the results.