Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I’m Sorry Sir, That Card Has Been Declined

Ever heard that?  A very embarrassing situation to be in.  Unless you are a democrat or member of NAACP (I know, being redundant again Johnny Alamo)  They are immune to shame from the overuse of the race card even though that account has been closed for some time.  They not only are not ashamed to use it, they go to great lengths to tie subjects to it that have absolutely nothing to do with race.  In fact it has turned into a barometer of sorts for the right.  You know you are on the right side of an issue and beating the pants off the left when they accuse you of racism.
I’m not really sure why they still feel the need to use it.  In the post 2008 election period of euphoria, when the “rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal”, when Chris Matthews got “tingles up his leg” and unicorns ran free pooping skittles all over the shire,  we were supposed to be in the “post racial” period.  What happened?  Well, for one, we nasty conservatives and libertarians refused to fall to our knees like good little subjects and bow at the altar of hope and change.  There could only be one excuse for us to fail to recognize the awesome awesomeness of Barack Hussein Obama.  We are all Grand Dragons of the Ku Klux Klan, just back from burning black churches and dragging uppity persons of a darker shade behind our pickups for Sunday entertainment. 

So not only did the race card come back out, but it became the automatic reason for any opposition to the glorious one’s socialist agenda.

Oppose raising taxes during economic downturns?

Against the stimulus?

Disagree with the idea of government run health care?

Have a problem with all those czars?

You can’t really blame them, republicans have long allowed this type of attack paralyze them in their tracks.  
Typically, the lily livered GOP has tucked their tail and slinked off whenever the racism kryptonite has been hurled at them.  So it is their own fault that it has grown into such an effective tool against them.  If they would address that accusation directly a little more often and exposed the assault for what it is, an admission of victory on the subject, the left would refrain from using it.  After a while anyway, libs don’t catch on real quick.
In fact it has become such an effective weapon for the left that they have gotten real creative in its application.  It has almost become entertaining to watch the Machiavellian contortions they put themselves through to tie race to every argument.
Recently that honorable statesperson and Hanna Barbera cartoon character from Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee announced on the house floor that republicans were complicating the debt ceiling debate because Barack Obama was black.  Sometime later Speaker Boehner retired to the cloak room for a good cry and emerged with a compromise that gave democrats virtually everything they wanted (except tax increases) and virtually nothing the right wanted.  Not that the charge of racism was the reason in itself but I’m sure Sheila’s claim didn’t hurt the democrats cause even though it should have.

Another recent non-issue that gave some Progs the vapors was when Rick Perry stated that a “big black cloud” was hanging over the nation.  Obviously this was a reference to the fact that we had a black president in the White House according to MSNBC’s newest on air class for journalistic integrity starring none other than Al Sharpton.  Pot meet Kettle, oh crap!  That was a racist comment huh????

But by far the funniest claim I have seen recently is from none other than ManBearPig himself.  That’s correct our old buddy Al Bore, aggravated by those nasty small minded people that like to see outrageous claims of man made global warming be backed up by actual facts, claimed that debating him on climate science was the moral equivalent of being a Bull Connor racist.  Connor was the Commissioner for Public Safety in Birmingham Alabama who was notorious for turning fire hoses, and attack dogs on civil rights protestors in the 60’s.  The ironic part of the Gorical’s claim is that his own father Albert Gore senior (who I think invented the telegraph) voted against the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voter Rights act of 1965.  Before you start hurling racism claims Al, you really should look in your own closet. 
Those are just a few outrageous claims of racism that have been leveled at us lately, I don’t see any change in the tactic on the horizon either.  That is until the political class on the right follow the advice of a friend of mine by the name of Joel Jollymore and next time they are on a news program and asked to respond to a claim of racism they should reply with “The NAACP (and the Democrat Party) are racist organizations designed to keep black Americans on the Dem plantation and they keep their militant arm (the Black Panthers) around to round up any that attempt to leave.”

I only have one thing to add to that………..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obama’s End Run. Mueva sobre Yanqui!

About three weeks ago during an address to the pro illegal immigration racist group La Raza which is Spanish for “The Race”, President Skippy said “Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change laws on my own.  That’s not how our democracy functions, that’s not how our constitution is written.”  Followed by chants from the racist Mexicans of “Yes, you can!  Yes, you can!” 

Apparently, he listened to them, unlike how he listens to the rest of us on his so-called listening tours.  On Aug. 16th the clean and articulate wonder did an end run around that pesky constitution and signed an executive order which bypasses congress altogether on the issue.  The administration announced that this executive order would “indefinitely delay deportations of illegal immigrants who don’t have criminal records and will offer them the chance to apply for a work permit”  I’m sure the 24 million unemployed LEGAL citizens of this country are thrilled by the news.
The White House also says this applies to a current crop of 300,000 illegal aliens, (I’m sorry) undocumented workers that are currently in the system.  What they didn’t tell us was that it will apply to all future detainees as well.  The Department of Homeland Security and Justice will put together a “working group” to redefine what cases are pursued.   Guess what that means, unless they commit a felony in this country, they stay and get a work permit to take away an American’s job.    
Apparently  Dick (the Turban) Durban knew this was coming back on Aug, 5th when he told reporters that the Department of Homeland Security would “soon have a relative announcement on the long stalled Dream Act”  And he was right, in spite of the fact that congress has rejected variations of this horrible idea several times since 2001, Obama decided that he would just do away with that troublesome old yellowed piece of paper called the United States Constitution and pass the legislation by executive fiat.  Get ready Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California!  Do you hear that thundering herd in the distance?  That is 50 million more illegal aliens racing toward that porous border of ours ready to cash in on the new meal ticket. 

According to the DHS we silly little minions are not to worry our pretty little heads about this.  The only illegal aliens this will apply to are:
Individuals that have been in this country since childhood.  How do they determine if someone has been in this country since childhood?  They ask them of course you silly………  Why would an illegal alien identity thief lie to us about that?
Minors, well that’s only a handful right?  It’s not like Mexicans have a lot of kids you know……..

The elderly, but don’t worry, they won’t help collapse Social Security and Medicare…….

Pregnant and nursing women, there goes Medicaid………..
Victims of serious crime.  What determines exactly what a serious crime is?
Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces.  One good idea, but how many are there really?

And persons with serious disabilities or health issues.  Don’t worry, that long wait you had at the ER last year won’t get any longer.

And then they get a work permit, wonderful.  We have so many unfilled jobs in this country right now.  Of course the folks in the communist……. Sorry, Democrat party tell us this will be great!  Now that these folks are out of the shadows, they will pay taxes.  Of course they have told us that these law breakers paid taxes all along.  Yeah, let me tell you how these people pay taxes.  They claim 6 dependents on their W-4 form and not one red cent is taken out for income tax.  Since they are illegal, uh, I mean undocumented, no social security numbers for their supposed dependents exist.  So the IRS has no way to verify that these dependents actually exist.  And for some reason never tries to.  (and yet if your wife fails to change her last name on her social security card after you marry they are on you like a chicken on a June bug) Yes, they do pay social security to a fake number.  It always amazed me how the Social Security Administration can accept a fake number or the number of a deceased person and never say a word, but they rarely do.

 The question is now what?  Is what the Zero did an impeachable offence?  Possibly, and the House of Representatives could very well vote to bring articles of impeachment up against him.  But they won’t.  Too many in Congress are petrified of that prospect because they would be labeled as racists and they just don’t have the stones to fight back.  Of course it would be a worthless fight anyway because they would then have to try him in Harry Reid’s senate.  He would never be removed.  Our best bet is to stick this little tidbit in our ammo pouch for 2012.  And demand of our candidates that they promise to resend this executive order about 5 minutes after taking the oath of office.      

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are We the Bad Guys?

I already know the answer to that question.  In the battle of ideologies between the Tea Party, the GOP establishment and the Democrats, we have been portrayed as the bad guys, the hostage takers, the terrorists and now the Legos……  huh?  This is no surprise really.  We are educated and schooled in the Alinsky tactics of demonizing your political opponents that the left has used for years against the right.  We knew what to expect from them when we started this show.  We also knew that the “lame stream media” would come after us with these time honored weapons and were prepared for the onslaught.  What caught many of us off guard was the GOP or at least the GOP leadership using these tools against us.  That’s right, the thing they would never (much to our consternation at times) use against the left, they freely  launch against the Tea Party Patriots.  Why?

First of all we all really know how ridiculous these claims are.  The folks that believe in the constitution, in fiscal responsibility, in common sense foreign policy and that our elected officials should actually honor their oaths of office are not the black hat guys here.  They are your Grandmas and Grandpas, your Vietnam veteran uncle, your church going Mom and Dad, your cousin who just got back from Afghanistan and your preacher.  They are the history teacher you always liked, the owner of the corner market, and the guy who owns the gas station down the road.  They are the farmer, the local pediatrician and the nurse that works in his office.  They are the firefighter, the policeman and the ambulance driver.  In short, they are America.  And they represent everything that made America what it is today.  They are the folks that make this country and this economic engine work.  They are not, as MSNBC or CNN would have you believe “Astroturf” bought and paid for by greedy capitalists to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the gears of Hope and Change.  They are not as NBC, ABC and CBS claim white hood wearing fanatics who oppose Barack Obama because of their seething racism.  They are patriots, that believe in American exceptionalism, the rule of law and that they are blessed to have been born in or immigrated to the greatest country in the history of the world.  Sounds like a real bloodthirsty bunch huh?

The driving force behind the Tea Party is simple, principle.  They are people who live their lives guided by principle.  And they have watched from the sidelines for decades as the political class in this country sold out principle to either line their pockets or push an anti-American agenda or both.  They are sick of it.  It turns their stomach and in truth they blame themselves for the complacency brought on by their relatively comfortable life over the years and just recently realized that their children and grandchildren will never have that same sort of existence.  And they now urgently desire to set all those years of  political apathy right.  They also know, that unless they do, they condemn future generations to a life of servitude to an overbearing and oppressive tyrannical form of government that bears no resemblance to the republic that the founders envisioned for us.

They have an uphill battle on their hands.  The enemy is a political class that is entrenched and has stacked the deck in their favor.  And an entitlement class that they have created to help them keep their power.  Included in the latter group are not only the welfare recipients, but a larger portion of the electorate that are in the employ of government.  In fact, the real reason for the health care bill is to create government employees out of the country’s health care workers, numbering 50.7 million, this bill would more than double the amount of government employees in the United States.  Added to the current toll, this would represent over 71 million in that workforce.  Think about that for a minute, a voting block of 71 million and their spouses, all having to stand in a voting booth and decide on whether to pull the lever for a party that wants to cut government spending, or a party that wants to grow it.  In 2008 only 132 million people voted.  So you can see how critical the health care bill is to democrats, and how vital it is that the Tea Party gets it repealed.  Of course the icing on the cake for the left is the whole other group (everyone) that will depend on Uncle Sam for all their health care needs.  This is why universal health care has always been the Holy Grail to socialists around the world.  The so called “stimulus” bills were designed to only stimulate Democrat votes, by lumping all state and local government employees in that group, as most of those funds went to those entities.  Considering all of this, you can see how vital the past few years and the next few are to the future of the Republic.

The Tea Party felt pretty good about their chances after the 2010 elections though, gaining a number of seats in the Senate and taking complete control of the House of Representatives who actually controls the purse strings.  Of course all those republicans running, both incumbents and challengers paid homage to the new political movement and promised to go forth and strike down the new health care law and curtail out of control spending in Washington.  Some of them tried, mostly from the freshman class.  The veterans however got back to D.C. and resumed business as usual, wheeling and dealing with our future in some old and perverse chess game that continued to send us hurtling down the road to hell.  Finally, disgusted over congress’s failure to move on the agenda they sent them there to enact, the Tea Party cried out over spending and the budget.  They contacted their representatives and let them know in no uncertain terms that unless they held the line on spending and the debt ceiling they would be fired in 2012.  A number of the representatives, mostly freshmen again, responded and tried to hold that line.  But their own leadership sold them out.  The Speaker of the House told them to “get their ass’s in line”, and subverted a bill that his own house passed called Cut, Cap and Balance that would have capped current spending levels, cut future budgets and called for a balanced budget amendment.  His “compromise” was a bill that did none of the above.  It raised the debt ceiling to avoid a fictitious default on the nation’s debt, and promised future cuts to increases, in the amount of the debt ceiling hike.  It was and is a farce.  During the debate many in our own party mimicked the left’s Alinsky attacks on the Tea Party and called us “hostage takers” and “Hobbits”.  Of course the media jumped on this band wagon along with the DNC and came up with a few extra adjectives to describe the movement.   The desired result was achieved, the Tea Party’s negatives grew among the “oh so vital” independents, thus supposedly vindicating the turncoat Republicans and their “strategy”.

So instead of using the debate to promote fiscal sanity and educate the uninformed independents, the republican leadership caved, and played to the lowest common denominator, as usual.  I am reminded of one of my favorite Jeffersonian quotes.

       "Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves."
Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, January 16, 1787

So I ask again, Are we the bad guys?  Or are we the only hope this nation has? 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Saturday Blahs, (Thanks Rick Perry)

Remember when you were a kid and got a sliver in your finger.  You knew the fix involved Mom, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a big ol needle.  You hated the idea of it, but knew that you had to go through with it, otherwise, like Mom said, your whole arm would rot and fall off.  My relationship with Rick Perry has been a lot like that.

He has always positioned himself so that I had to support him, in spite of the fact that I can’t stand the guy.  Every few years in Texas I have railed about Rino Ricky and how we needed to do everything we could to deny him the governor’s mansion in Austin this time.  But because of the poor crop of primary challengers who were idiots at best or downright dangerous at worst, I have had to stand there at the voting booth, trembling like when I was a kid, knowing that I had to take a dose of nasty medicine and pull the lever for him again. 
The reasons have ranged from liking a candidate but knowing that they didn’t stand a chance in hell of beating the democrat in the general, to actually voting against a candidate because they could win and scared me worse than Rick.  (case in point, Kay Bailey Hutchison).  That is all bad enough, but I have to vote for him twice, once in the primary and once in the general against the Stalinist on the democrat ticket.  Usually followed by me walking out of the polling place and picking up a dog turd to take a bite, just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Judging by the way things are turning out in the upcoming Presidential election, I think I may have a Fido discharge sandwich in my future come November 2012.  The problem is, while the Tea Party in Texas knows and feels mostly the way I do about the Rickster.  Most of the Tea Party groups around the rest of the country love the guy.  It’s not their fault, all they know of Rick Perry are those quirky Texan type things he has done to get in the national news.  Whether it was threats of succession, shooting coyotes or talk of asserting the 10th amendment, to them he sounds like a dream candidate.  I have written in the past about all the reasons they should not support him for the top spot.  And all I can do now is continue  shine that spotlight on him before we wake up one day and find that he is our only hope to unseat the jug eared destroyer that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Of the field of candidates in the GOP right now, I would support just about all of them before Perry, with the exception of Huntsman, who has not yet figured out he belongs in the democrat primary instead of the Republican, and Mittens for the same reason.  Yep, before you ask, even that cartoon character Ron Paul.  But alas, I think that if Rick gets in it, he will win it.  And then we will have no choice but support him.  Make no mistake, I will not sit out the election if he gets the nomination.  I will fight Perry tooth and nail in the primary, but if he wins the GOP slot, I will have a Perry for President sign on my front yard.  Hopefully there will be two “P”s on that sign, Perry and Palin.  Of course I would prefer the latter be at the top of the sign.

And now I hear that he has officially announced his candidacy, OUCH, I think I just got a sliver in my finger……………..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's ask France for Financial Advice.....

I don’t claim to be a financial wizard.  I don’t know much about debt ratings, money markets, the Federal Reserve, downgrades, upgrades, securities or the International Monetary Fund.  But I am aware of what happens if you spend more money than you take in.  That apparently makes me vastly more qualified to occupy a seat in Congress, or the White House than the folks that currently reside there.  Today we learned that S&P downgraded Uncle Sam’s triple A rating, (a rating that we have held since WWI by the way) to double A +.   And they didn’t lower it because we failed to raise our debt ceiling.  They lowered it BECAUSE we raised our debt ceiling.  Yes, the good old USA now is living in the credit rating shadow of France.  Let that sink in for a moment……….

The country that had the financial might to end World War One, that funded World War Two, that rebuilt Europe and Japan with their monetary strength after the war, that basically defeated the Soviet Union with it’s financial power, is now rated the same as New Zealand, and South Korea.  Well, that’s not really fair……. To New Zealand and South Korea, at least their outlook is rated as stable, ours is rated as negative.
How did we get here?  Well talking heads and politicians will no doubt provide us with a hundred different reasons for it.  Most of them will be wrong.  We are where we are right now because our elected representatives, or most of them anyway, can’t understand what virtually every responsible citizen in the United States already knows.  If you are having trouble paying your bills, the answer is not to borrow more money to pay them.  We understand that, and S&P also understands that.  If only our President and congress’s leadership had listened to those “Hostage Takers” and "Terrorists" from the tea party we would not find ourselves in the situation we are in now.  Of course you will never hear anyone on the major networks and CNN mention that little fact.  (I don’t even mention MSNBC)
I don’t really know what the long term effects of this event are.  But I hope that one of them is that we purge the squishy Republicans out of a job during the primaries and boot the bulk of the democrats out of office in 2012, including the jug eared jackass in the White House.    

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So last week we were known as extremists, this week we have been upgraded to terrorists.  During a closed door strategy session for the Senate demoncrats, Representative Mike Doyle, D (which stands for douchebag) breathlessly claimed “We have negotiated with terrorists!!!!” and then said, “this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money!”.  Shortly afterward, according to several sources in the room, Joe Biden woke up from his nap, hurled his teddy bear to the ground and claimed “they have acted like terrorists”
It seems the source of this new handle we find ourselves tagged with is a column written last Friday by an obviously agitated liberal named William Yeomans.  It was published in Politico which is just one hair to the right of Daily Kos and to the left of Huffington Post.  In this article he penned, “It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the house “hostage takers”  But they have now become full blown terrorists”.   I was not familiar with Mr Yeomans so I took a few minutes to Google him.  Turns out he was Senator Edward Kennedy’s chief counsel on the senate judiciary committee.   So, obviously he is offering an impartial opinion here of Rand “Mustafa” Paul and the other wild eyed renegades in the house of a Lipton persuasion.
All this hand wringing by the left over the tea party folks is at first perplexing, because we never see them get this upset or even use the same terms to describe the true enemies of this country.  You know, those guys that want to cut our heads off if we don’t submit to their wacked out religion.  No, the left would never refer to the terrorists as……. terrorists.  Even though were it not for the right’s desire to protect them and their demented lifestyle they would be the very first ones subjected to radical Islam.  They are the ones that would get beheaded for blasphemy.  It would be the feminists that would be subjected to their 12th century views on women and stuck in burkas, have their genitalia mutilated so they could not feel any pleasure from sex and stoned to death for going out without a male family member to escort them.  But instead of denouncing this brutal version of Islam they save the slings and arrows to attack their political foes right here at home.  In fact there seems to be no limit to the foul names they will use on us.  I find myself wondering what we will be compared to next, child molesters or serial rapists? 
Of course the truth is that the left only sees one enemy, that is the enemy of their political ideology.  So we are terrorists huh?  Well then let me be the first to shout LIBERTY AKBAR!!!!!!!!!