Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project Much?

Democrats do, anytime you want to know what a democrat is guilty of, just listen to what he or she accuses you  of. defines “projection” as “The attribution of one’s own attitudes, feelings, or desires to someone or something as a naïve or unconscious defense against anxiety or guilt.”  The only part of that definition that does not apply to democrats is the “naïve or unconscious” part.  They know exactly what they are doing and have gotten very good at getting the feeble minded groups that make up their voting blocks to buy it.  
Let’s start with racism.  Every democrat under the sun uses that brand to mark his or her political opponent at least a dozen times a week.  So much so in fact that the ploy is rapidly losing its effectiveness  at shutting down debate.  Oh it worked well for a long time, so much so that the modern liberal has a hard time giving up on the practice.  And since they don’t learn very fast, I expect that tactic to remain in the socialist playbook for some time to come.  But let’s examine just a few facts about democrats and racism.  First, history, to hear the left tell it every single slave owner in the old antebellum south was a Reagan Republican right wing hater.  The fact is that virtually all of them were democrats.  And it was democrats that started and filled the ranks of the KKK.  During the 60’s democrats as a party opposed any and all civil rights legislation.  Today democrats have a vested interest in keeping blacks poor and in victim status, and for some reason that escapes me, that keeps them coming to the polls and casting votes for democrats.  And every single thing they have done to supposedly “help” black folks in this country has had the opposite effect.  I could write a book on this subject alone, but the bottom line is that in the blackest areas of the country, where democrats have been in control for decades and had virtually unlimited funds to apply toward helping the local population, black people are poorer and less likely to succeed than ever before.  Even Rainman could improve the lot of black Americans with the resources they have had, “definitely need to cut local business and property taxes to attract new companies, definitely, uh-oh, uh-oh, time for Wapner”   

The left also continually screams that we on the right don’t care about the education of our children.   So lets’ look at some facts.  Every single time the right has suggested “real” improvements in our educational system, school system accountability, merit based pay for teachers, school vouchers  and curriculum changes that go back to teaching time proven basics, the left has opposed those changes and in an ironic schizophrenic rage declared that we want to destroy the minds of our younger generation.   They, on the other hand, propose only that we continue to dump billions more dollars into a failed system that props up teacher unions and the status quo.  Because every dollar of taxpayer money we pump into the teacher unions means more money donated by them to the campaign war chests of the DNC.  You want to know how much the left cares about children?  They care enough to protect  a practice that murders millions of them every year in the womb, that’s how much.  Saying that democrats are all about the children is like saying Adolf Hitler was all about building synagogues.
One of my favorites is the democrat claim that Republicans are in the pocket of big business.  They make this claim because of the occasional desire on the part of some Republicans to roll back or restrict regulation and corporate taxes that drive industry overseas.  The democrats on the other hand are actually in the pocket of big business providing favors for corporate lobbyists and bailouts for big businesses that don’t even need them.  Just to insure that they get that fat check for the campaign war chest and a nice little cushy consulting or lobbyist job that pays millions when the voters of that particular district finally wise up and eject them from the capital.  Ever wonder how someone like Harry Reid can go to Washington without two red cents to rub together and end up being one of the richest people in the political class?  It’s because he sells influence.  Don’t get me wrong, both sides are guilty of this, but the democrats are especially rotten on the issue.  This is why we must declare war on the political class in this country.  It is the only way this process will end.  But the left not only is in the pocket of big business, they are in there with both hands.
Of course the communists often talk about the corruption on the right.  This has to be the most laughable complaint they have about the right.  Nazi Pelosi declared upon assuming her throne as Speaker of the House and Wicked Witch of the West in 2007 that the era of corruption in congress was over and she was going to “drain the swamp”.  One of those Washington snakes must have plugged up that drain because she ended up presiding over the most corrupt bunch of democrats in the history of that institution.  (and that is really saying something)  We were to uncover case after case of democrats on the take, not paying taxes, not declaring income, receiving illegal gifts, breaking their own house rules and even perversion.  Nancy’s house democrats made Bernie Madoff look like a saint.  Them calling republicans corrupt was like Pamela Anderson calling Mother Teresa a slut.   
So the next time you hear a democrat make a claim that we are outlaws, better check the post office wall for their picture.

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  1. Nice! ... as always.

    There is a speech from Milton Friedman where he discusses Socialism (Communism) versus Capitalism. I think you can apply this to why the black community continually votes for the Dems, thinking that somehow they will eventually take them to the promised land.

    Socialism (Communism) is about collective rights and seeks to make all people equal and insure the prosperity for all. Capitalism is about individual rights and the opportunity through freedom for each individual to succeed (or fail) through their own effort. Generally speaking, Capitalism is supposed to be about self and thus considered greedy, and Socialism/Communism is supposed to be about the greater good of all and thus considered noble.

    The interesting point of all this and what should apply to the black community, yet for some reason escapes them, is not to look at the system, but look at the results. In every case throughout the history of the world, Socialist and Communist countries have the most oppressed and poorest people, and Capitalist countries have the most free and wealthiest people. So the system that seeks to help the general welfare of all, ends up with the poorest and most oppressed people, and the system that seeks individual success, ends up with the best general welfare of its people.

    Applying this to the black community, the Dems have a lock on claiming they are helping, yet if you just look at the results, they have done nothing but the opposite. Every single program the Dems put in place to "help", has never helped anyone in the end. On the other hand, the most successful black men and women, have been the ones who didn't sit there on some Government (Democrat) provided program, but rather took advantage of the capitalist system and made something of themselves.

    Look at results, not intentions.

  2. Very true, I would also add that our "poor" are the richest "poor" in the world. That is not because of spreading the wealth, but because in a capitalistic society the lot of all increases much more than in a socialist one. I fully expect that to change as we become more socialist and other peoples money starts running out as it is now.