Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So last week we were known as extremists, this week we have been upgraded to terrorists.  During a closed door strategy session for the Senate demoncrats, Representative Mike Doyle, D (which stands for douchebag) breathlessly claimed “We have negotiated with terrorists!!!!” and then said, “this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money!”.  Shortly afterward, according to several sources in the room, Joe Biden woke up from his nap, hurled his teddy bear to the ground and claimed “they have acted like terrorists”
It seems the source of this new handle we find ourselves tagged with is a column written last Friday by an obviously agitated liberal named William Yeomans.  It was published in Politico which is just one hair to the right of Daily Kos and to the left of Huffington Post.  In this article he penned, “It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the house “hostage takers”  But they have now become full blown terrorists”.   I was not familiar with Mr Yeomans so I took a few minutes to Google him.  Turns out he was Senator Edward Kennedy’s chief counsel on the senate judiciary committee.   So, obviously he is offering an impartial opinion here of Rand “Mustafa” Paul and the other wild eyed renegades in the house of a Lipton persuasion.
All this hand wringing by the left over the tea party folks is at first perplexing, because we never see them get this upset or even use the same terms to describe the true enemies of this country.  You know, those guys that want to cut our heads off if we don’t submit to their wacked out religion.  No, the left would never refer to the terrorists as……. terrorists.  Even though were it not for the right’s desire to protect them and their demented lifestyle they would be the very first ones subjected to radical Islam.  They are the ones that would get beheaded for blasphemy.  It would be the feminists that would be subjected to their 12th century views on women and stuck in burkas, have their genitalia mutilated so they could not feel any pleasure from sex and stoned to death for going out without a male family member to escort them.  But instead of denouncing this brutal version of Islam they save the slings and arrows to attack their political foes right here at home.  In fact there seems to be no limit to the foul names they will use on us.  I find myself wondering what we will be compared to next, child molesters or serial rapists? 
Of course the truth is that the left only sees one enemy, that is the enemy of their political ideology.  So we are terrorists huh?  Well then let me be the first to shout LIBERTY AKBAR!!!!!!!!!    

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