Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Saturday Blahs, (Thanks Rick Perry)

Remember when you were a kid and got a sliver in your finger.  You knew the fix involved Mom, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a big ol needle.  You hated the idea of it, but knew that you had to go through with it, otherwise, like Mom said, your whole arm would rot and fall off.  My relationship with Rick Perry has been a lot like that.

He has always positioned himself so that I had to support him, in spite of the fact that I can’t stand the guy.  Every few years in Texas I have railed about Rino Ricky and how we needed to do everything we could to deny him the governor’s mansion in Austin this time.  But because of the poor crop of primary challengers who were idiots at best or downright dangerous at worst, I have had to stand there at the voting booth, trembling like when I was a kid, knowing that I had to take a dose of nasty medicine and pull the lever for him again. 
The reasons have ranged from liking a candidate but knowing that they didn’t stand a chance in hell of beating the democrat in the general, to actually voting against a candidate because they could win and scared me worse than Rick.  (case in point, Kay Bailey Hutchison).  That is all bad enough, but I have to vote for him twice, once in the primary and once in the general against the Stalinist on the democrat ticket.  Usually followed by me walking out of the polling place and picking up a dog turd to take a bite, just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Judging by the way things are turning out in the upcoming Presidential election, I think I may have a Fido discharge sandwich in my future come November 2012.  The problem is, while the Tea Party in Texas knows and feels mostly the way I do about the Rickster.  Most of the Tea Party groups around the rest of the country love the guy.  It’s not their fault, all they know of Rick Perry are those quirky Texan type things he has done to get in the national news.  Whether it was threats of succession, shooting coyotes or talk of asserting the 10th amendment, to them he sounds like a dream candidate.  I have written in the past about all the reasons they should not support him for the top spot.  And all I can do now is continue  shine that spotlight on him before we wake up one day and find that he is our only hope to unseat the jug eared destroyer that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Of the field of candidates in the GOP right now, I would support just about all of them before Perry, with the exception of Huntsman, who has not yet figured out he belongs in the democrat primary instead of the Republican, and Mittens for the same reason.  Yep, before you ask, even that cartoon character Ron Paul.  But alas, I think that if Rick gets in it, he will win it.  And then we will have no choice but support him.  Make no mistake, I will not sit out the election if he gets the nomination.  I will fight Perry tooth and nail in the primary, but if he wins the GOP slot, I will have a Perry for President sign on my front yard.  Hopefully there will be two “P”s on that sign, Perry and Palin.  Of course I would prefer the latter be at the top of the sign.

And now I hear that he has officially announced his candidacy, OUCH, I think I just got a sliver in my finger……………..


  1. Perry certainly gave one heck of a speech today.....I've been gone from Tejas since 2001, so I am sure I would feel the same as you do JA. I just pray that the GOP candidate whoever he or she is will pull the USA out of the muck that barry and the dumbs have put us in.

  2. I feel for you, Johnny. I dodged a similar bullet when Mitch Daniels decided against running. Thank you, Mrs. Daniels!

  3. The Breakfast Club rocks, JA!!!!

  4. P & P for Prez/Vice-Prez.
    Without a doubt, it would make the best looking running ticket...EVAH!

    Mrs. Alamo