Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In One Year We Begin to Fundamentally Change America ……… BACK!

That’s right sports fans, one year from today we have the opportunity to fix a lot of ills in this country.  The question is, will we do it?  As we get closer to the magical date that we get to tell the Communist in Chief to take a hike, I am becoming even more aware of how critical his eviction is.  I am convinced that he and his minions represent a larger threat to America than we have ever before faced.  And it has become more than obvious that his true goals are to destroy our economy, our health care system, our military and our freedoms in an effort to make his vision of a socialist utopia feasible.  He has already shown that he has no problem doing an end around the constitution and implement laws by executive order, the concern now is how many more republic destroying orders will he issue as his expulsion becomes clear?  He knows that the democrat controlled Senate and that worm of a Speaker of the House will do nothing to contain him.  Whoever occupies that oblong office after him had better make his or her first order of business resending every single executive order Obama issued during his tenure.  

Last night I had the opportunity to watch two potential new residents for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in a non-debate debate.  Hosted by the Texas Tea Party PAC, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain spent about two hours discussing ways to fix the mess we find ourselves in.  I have to admit, I would be happy with either of them replacing the COOTUS (community organizer of the United States).  In fact the two of them on a ticket together would be awesome.  Cain brings common sense values and outside the beltway solutions that are desperately needed right now to turn this country around.  And Newt is obviously the “smartest guy in the room” who believes in market driven solutions and getting government out of the way of business.  While both have some issues, either of them would be a far cry better than the leftist race pimping jackass that we currently have.

Both men issued several good ideas about how to fix the budget, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and most of those ideas appealed to my libertarian leanings.  Gingrich suggested a way to save a trillion dollars with one simple free market solution.
“I just put on the table trillions of dollars that would be saved by not paying crooks.  Why is it so hard to not penalize good people before you stop paying crooks?  You can take existing IBM technology and use it to stop paying crooks in Medicare.  You can turn this around and pass a bill to contract out to American Express, Visa and IBM to handle Medicare payments and in 60 days you would save a trillion dollars.”  
He pointed out that American Express has a fraud rate of 0.03% and the Federal Medicare system has a fraud rate of 10%.  Just another example of what a complete and utter failure the Federal government is at just about anything.
Cain made several good points but one of the highlights for me was this one.  
“We need to have standards and not make it easy for people to cheat on things.  You can’t get on an airplane without showing a valid I.D.  Why should we allow people to do other things without I.D.s?  Photo IDs are needed and should be required to vote and end fraud.  WHY NOT?”
Cain also won the prize for the funniest comment of the night when told to close things out by asking a question of Gingrich.  Cain’s question was; 
“Mr. Speaker, if you were Vice President of the United States, what would you want me to assign you to do first?”

Gotta say, I think I got a tingle up my leg with that question.



  1. Excellent. We can only hope that we get this ticket combo on the GOP side.

  2. I finally saw two adults last night.

  3. That was refreshing huh? I was happy to hear two candidates calmly discuss important issues without the sophomoric crap from Perry and Romney and quite frankly Santorum is guilty of that as well.