Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 23, 2011

GOP Establishment: He Swings! And Misses Again!

The question is, when do we get to strike three?  The hot shots in the GOP elite and their message boys are really starting to sweat now.  They have pulled out all the usual time honored tricks used in the past to effectively derail any real conservative that dares to step a little too close to the Republican nomination for President.  But just like the great Casey in the old poem, they keep swinging at air balls.  Or like that old Texism says, “They keep a chopping, but there ain’t no chips a flying”.  
They tried to just ignore Herman Cain, didn’t let him get any press.  But to their surprise, the conservative voter is actually engaged for once and paying attention.  Not good news for the Kampaign Karl Roves of the GOP.  So they trotted out the town criers of the Grand Old Party.  The Krauthammers and Kristols went after him on his 999 plan.  (hmmm, notice all the “K”s in the last two sentences?)  Anyway as they walked away with their chests pumped up mightily, sure that the misinformation tool that they had just deployed had driven a stake through the heart of their tormentor, Mr. Rasmussen said “uh….. guys, he just got stronger.

“Not a problem” said the old pro exterminators, “this little bug is just a little more resilient than the others”.  And they reached way back in the shelf for the little can with three X’s on it.  “He hasn't got any political experience” they sprayed across the airwaves.  “He has never won an election in his life”.  “Surely you poor idiot Tea Party folks understand we need a professional politician to unseat Obama”.  And then they sat back, smugly satisfied that they had finally rid themselves of this pest.  But Mr.Gallup pointed to his numbers and to their shock he had gotten stronger still.
Now panic started running through the ranks.  “But he is not socially conservative enough” they screeched.  “Look at the way he answered those vague questions on the  Holy Grail of conservative social topics, ABORTION”!!!!  And then Mr. Cain clarified that he was stanchly anti-abortion and someone pointed to the fact that he gave one million dollars to convince black voters to vote pro-life back in 2006.

“But, but, but, HE IS NOT POLISHED ENOUGH, LOOK AT HOW HE FLUBBED THE QUESTION!!!!!!!” they bellowed.  “WE NEED A POLISHED PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN AND HE IS NOT SMOOTH ENOUGH!!!”  And the American voter said, “Guys, the fact that he is not a polished politician is what endears us.  We have polished politicians up to our eyeballs and that is why we are in the mess we are in now.”

Dejected, shoulders slumped, the old pros walked back to the dugout.  There is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out……….
Hey!  There's no crying in baseball!!!!!

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