Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why Nobody Should Watch the MSM

This past week I visited the windy city because I really enjoy freezing my buns off in a liberal bastion that produces characters like Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.  While waiting for some friends in a hotel bar I got the opportunity to watch the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer on the big screen TV behind the bar.  Now normally I would chew off my own right arm to escape such a situation, but I had already bought a Jack and Coke and it would be a mortal sin to waste it. And far be it from me to upset the ghost of Jasper Newton Daniel.  
As I watched the entire “news” program from beginning to end I was struck by the lack of coverage on the Occupy Wall Street movement.  In fact the only thing good old Diane brought up about the issue was a photo of an elderly (and obviously off her meds deranged) 84 year old woman that had just been pepper sprayed stating that she was the “new face” of the OWS movement.  Proving of course that the right wing want nothing more than to kill the elderly and throw them off cliffs as the democrats have told us all along.......... 
Now, since I normally get my information from the few actual news sources and real journalists out there, I knew there was a lot of other news that day on the dirty smelly entitlement hippie movement.  Like for instance the sidewalk pooping.  Or the hypodermic needles found by the bushel basket full after clearing Zucotti Park.  Or perhaps that the occupiers were stockpiling weapons there.  

Call me silly to think that a national news show would want to tell the American people about threats to throw Molotov Cocktails through the windows at Macy’s.  And of course it would just be irresponsible to report that the OWS movement is allied with a Greek Communist Terror Group.  And I am sure the voters wouldn’t want to know about their representative excusing the deaths and rapes that have occurred at the OWS camps.  
All of these stories and many, many more were broken over a two day period prior to Ms. Sawyers broadcast that I was so honored to watch.  And I am sure the same “non-coverage” took place on NBC, CBS, MSNBC and of course CNN.  We did however get several minutes of coverage on Herman Cain hesitating before answering a question, and Newt Gingrich's divorces.  So, I have one conclusion for you.  If you have watched any of these networks for your source of news you are ill-informed.  If you continue to watch them, you are an idiot.


  1. Took a trip to Chi-town to figure this out, did it? Ha-ha, just kidding. The lack of honesty in the media is infuriating.

  2. Yeah, cause hotel bars around here have the TV's on sports or fox news.