Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mitt, He’s Not The 99%, He’s Not the 1%, He Is The Perennial 20 Percenter.

I find it curious that in this past year, all potential candidates for the Republican nomination for President are measured against one other candidate, Mitt Romney.  There are a few reasons I can think of for the talking heads to want to use this 12 inch ruler to measure a Saturn 5 rocket.  Not the least of which is their desire to make sure that if a Republican does kick their beloved Kenyan prince out of the White House in 2012, it will at least be the Republican that will do the least damage to their left wing agenda.  This is the same reason they tried (successfully) to convince us of how awesome the Mavericky one was in 2008 (until he got the nomination that is). But I don’t think it will work this time around, because Mitt is stuck at 20% support and I believe that is about as high as he will ever get.  
In 2008 Romney never commanded more than the mid 20% range in polling, and ended up with just 22.1% of the national primary vote.  We know him better now.  I believe there is a core group of squishy country club Republicans that will always provide that 20% support that Romney enjoys.  “You  know Lovey, we just must make sure that those bourgeois Yale types don’t take over our party”   But Mitt’s problem is we remember what he stood for in 1996, in 1998, in 2000, in 2004, in 2008 and what he stands for now.  Only Rich Little can bring more personalities to a party than our buddy Mittens.  And this is why we must make sure he does not get the nomination and become our candidate.  The man has no principle.  He will get on whatever side of an issue he thinks will do him the most good politically.  If we want that in a leader we should draft Billy Jeff Clinton to come back to the job, at least he was somewhat entertaining.
Of course these same folks (and some so-called conservative pundits) also tell us that Mittens is the only one that can beat Obama.  Anyone with half a brain and just a little political savvy knows that is pure bull excrement.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  Romney is the candidate most likely to lose against Obama in a general election.  In debates for example, with just a little research on the Obama team’s part, they will be able to counter any criticism Romney has for Sparky with an example of old Mitt supporting the very same idea in the past.   

The 20 percenters are fond of telling us how these cursed Tea Party type candidates are raising the poor unwashed idiot voter’s expectations too high with their fairy tales about free markets and constitutional values and will cause disenfranchisement among a big section of the base when Mittens surely, naturally  wins the nomination.  Well, they may be right about that.  But the disenfranchisement will be because of the weakness of their candidate, not the principle of others.  I don’t even understand this argument.  Are we supposed to ignore our values and not vote for our candidate of choice in the primary because we might be excited to go out and vote on Election Day?
So to recap, we are supposed to vote for Mitt Romney because:

a)     He won’t work to destroy the status quo in  Washington and dismantle the liberal agenda.

b)     He is like Texas weather and if you don’t care for his position on an issue just wait a few minutes and it will change

c)       He is at least as principled as Bill Clinton

d)      He will lower voter energy for 80% of the conservative voters.

e)      He is probably the candidate most likely to lose to Obama. (with the possible exception of Ron Paul)

f)       He’s got really good hair, (like John Edwards) 

So if you really want 4 more years of republic killing Hope N Change, the easiest way to get it is to pull that lever for Mitt Romney in your primary.  Otherwise, choose a principled candidate that will inspire the American people, hey, it worked for us once before……………


  1. Excellent Johnny A!!!!! I get nervous around men who have better hair than I do.

  2. That's why I don't have any Dee. :)

  3. Thank you for putting into words my exact feelings. I have already decided to send the establishment GOP a message and not vote for Romney period.. I'll vote indy or libertarian if I must.. I will work very hard to elect conservatives to the House/Senate. I'm tired of being told to suck one up for the party.. Esp. after what they did to Angle and O'Donnell..

  4. Thanks for posting the link on John F. Di Leo's Facebook page. This is an excellent piece. I don't *hate* Romney, but I agree he's the last, best hope for 4 more years of BHO.

  5. You are dead on with every point, except that it is INDIANA weather that changes every 5 minutes. Every Hoosier knows that!

  6. Free markets, constitutional values, principled candidate? Perhaps we have different research sources, but this an endorsement for Ron Paul. In a future article it would be interesting to understand why Ron Paul would not receive more votes than Barack Obama in the general election. Now that it is really down to Mitt and Ron, it may be good timing.