Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yawn, Another Republican Debate. Color Me Underwhelmed

Well Fox news and Google paired up to give us another Republican debate last night.  I’m told that sales of whips and chains fell drastically on Thursday because S&M perverts figured out that a better form of torture was on Fox News.  Why is it that in the run up to what is arguably the most important presidential election in our history, after all the town hall activity, outrage at Washington’s disregard of the will of the people, Tea Party protests, unconstitutional intrusions into our lives by an out of control federal government and a President that is an obvious Marxist or more probably a Stalinist, we can’t seem to come up with a field of candidates for the Republican nomination that are inspirational?  Oh some have a little excitement potential, (see Herman Cain) but none are real standouts.
Rick Perry continues to prove me right as watching him in a debate is like observing Forrest Gump discuss quantum physics with Albert Einstein.  The look on his face is painful to watch as his wooden gears up there grind and smoke as you picture a thought bubble above his head with “thinkin is purty hard” written in it.  I would say he is an embarrassment to the state of Texas if that slot had not already been filled by Sheila Jackson Lee and another contender for the Republican nom named Ron Paul.  At one point Perry sputtered out a string of unintelligible verbiage that had the audience thinking “Wow, I didn’t know he spoke fluent Klingon”. 

Of course Mittens continues to inspire me…………… to stick my head in the oven.  While Romney has learned how to at least answer most of the questions correctly, past statements make you wonder how sincere those answers are.  He looks good, but that is what drew people to Barry Obama, I expect a little substance from our candidate.  And am I the only one that looks at Romney and gets a mental picture of Joe Isuzu?  
Michelle Bachmann, I can’t say anything mean about the lady.  Not for southern chivalrous reasons because IMHO if a woman gets into politics she should suffer the same slings and arrows as a man.  I am not going to give you a pass just because you look good in a pair of pumps.  I mean, really, I don’t cut Ron Paul any slack for that.  No, I think Mrs. Bachmann is on the right side of every issue and I have no doubts about her sincerity.  I just don’t think she is quite smart enough for the top job.  And she has a habit of putting herself in hot water over spur of the moment comments.  As the Republican nominee the media microscope will amplify all those little goofs like a Fender amp trying to make her look like a loony tune. 

Probably my favorite out of the current crop of contenders is Herman Cain.  And unlike all those independent voters in 2008 I don’t like him for the color of his skin, I like him for the content of his character.  I agree with him on most issues and am a big fan of his 9,9,9 plan.  However he does not stand a chance because the media ignores him more than Ron Paul.  He just can’t get the coverage from them mostly because the left wing media gets the vapors thinking about the GOP running a real black man against their half black messiah.
Newt is impossible for me to figure out.  The man knows history, understands all the things that are destroying our republic, has a common sense response to almost all issues when ask, but has continually used poor judgment in the past on personal and political issues.  I like him, always have.  But don’t trust him any further than I can throw him.   I think he was a good Republican once, but Nancy Pelosi hopped off her broom and turned him into a Slimy Newt.

Santorum I just don’t know enough about.  And based on the way he was ignored last night I doubt I ever will.
Huntsman, Johnson and Paul I won’t even dignify with comment other than they should get out of the race now.  I am tired of the background noise. 
So, while we have a pretty large field right now, there are some major holes in it.  I don’t know how we can fill those and come up with a good candidate, you know, someone that will drive passion into the race, somebody that will shake things up, somebody that the left is really scared of, someone who will excite the base……….  No Idea………. Drawing a blank……… Nope nothing…….

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