Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Johnny Alamo's Patriot of the Day

The event that inspired this particular Patriot of the Day actually happened in 2009 but I was so impressed with not only the subject's patriotism but his desire to make a wrong right in a positive way and use the incident as a learning moment for someone. 
After an obviously drunk and misguided young man, upset that the bartender at a local VFW post refused to serve him due to the fact that he lacked any identification, went outside and lowered a very special American flag and set it on fire.  The post commander went out and found him and taught him a lesson in humility and respect.  Then went out of his way to protect the young man’s identity so he would not be targeted for attack by those that might be outraged by his indiscretion.  Nick Normile is one man I am proud to call Johnny Alamo’s Patriot of the Day! 
h/t Elizabeth Mendoza and Darwin Teague

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