Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 20, 2012

Johnny Alamo's Patriot of the Day

Today’s Patriot is once again Congressman Allen West.  All due to this speech on the house floor on true black history.  A few days ago I gave Rep. West this honor based on an excerpt from this speech.  Once I found the entire thing I discovered that I did him and you a disservice by not providing the whole speech.  We have to value and applaud men and women who proudly speak the truth and seek to lift the veil of lies that the democrats have pulled over the eyes of black Americans in this country to keep them enslaved as only beasts of burden to be dragged out of the ghetto stables to perform their indentured duties at each election.  Let us pray that someday we can free them from these chains.  Allen West is doing his part.  Are you doing yours?

Click the image to watch.

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